abbr.Internet Protocol 网际协议;


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    Inside there is some money, IP card and a monthly ticket.

    里面装有一些钱, 一张IP卡和一张月票.

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    IP surveys aimed at finding the extent of a vein being mined.


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    Send, receive, to choose the server port and IP address.

    发送, 接收, 选择服务器端口,IP地址.

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    Imbalanced partnerships may occur due to varying fluency levels, hindering effective practice. It would be better to group students based on their proficiency levels to ensure balanced partnerships.


    I am Jack, a Chinese student at the University of Nottingham. I am organizing a 7-day trip to Scotland for 32 Chinese students studying here. I would like to discuss some details with you.


    As middle school students, we should actively participate in ensuring traffic safety. First, we need to follow traffic rules, such as walking on the sidewalk and crossing the road at zebra crossings. This will help protect ourselves.


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    As the world’s population grows, so does the popularity of meat. In the past 50 years, global meat consumption has more than tripled. In China alone, meat consumption has grown fivefold since the early 1990s.


    作文要求:1. 信用卡消费好处与坏处2. 如何明智的使用信用卡消费范文:Credit Card Consumption: Pros and Cons and Tips for Wise UseCredit cards have become an increasingly popular tool for people to make purchases in today\'s society. On the one hand, credit